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5 Ways To Tell It’s Time For A Bike Tune-Up
Getting your bike ready for the road? We asked our friends and neighbors at local Montreal bike shop Cycle Regis for a few quick tune-up tips. Here’s what to look for and what your local cycle repair shop can do to make your ride better.

Inspect Your Breaks
Brake pads need to be aligned with the aluminum railing on your wheels and have the right tension. Both can be adjusted with a simple screw. If the pads are aligned too high or low, you’ll have problems. When it comes to brake tension, you want to be able to feel the brake. Excessively tight brakes could cause you to flip over your handlebars.

Check Your Chain
The first thing a bike shop will check is the chain. If your chain is all right, the problem is likely elsewhere. A bike shop will have the right tools to measure how stretched your chain is and go from there. Normally, a Shimano chain is good for about 600 to 750 miles, maximum. If you don’t change your chain after that distance, it will wear out your cassette. It’s important to check your chain regularly, but replacements should only be necessary once a year.

The Derailleur
If your bike has sustained an impact on the side of the derailleur, the derailleur hanger may need to be readjusted. This can happen when your bike simply falls over, or if you aren’t careful while packing it in the back of the car. If you do have an impact on the derailleur, simply remove it. It’s usually the back derailleur that causes problems. Changing a derailleur costs only about $20 – much less than a new frame. Your local bike shop will run tests to align the derailleur hanger, ensuring that it’s completely aligned with the chain. 
Want to change your derailleur at home? You can, but you need to know what to look for. With some time and the right tools, it’s easy. Be careful however; sometimes the DIY approach can cause more problems than it solves.

Cable Corrosion?
Dirt and dust inside your brake cables can cause corrosion, leading to some pretty major problems. Get your cables replaced ASAP.
Wheels & Tires
All it takes is a small bump to knock a wheel out of whack. If your wheel wobbles when your bike is in motion, take it to a professional. Any bike shop can realign your wheels. As for the tires, the air pressure is written on the side of your tires. 100psi is usually a good average. 

Of course you can tune up your bike on your own at home. But if you are a novice, look for these signs and consider just taking it in to your local bike repair professional. They’re happy to help you.

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